Property Management

Post-Purchase Services, property insurance, security and photography services

Property management services

We provide the full package property management service. Which means you can travel, live outside the country and take care of your business. We will manage your properties and provide monthly reports about your regular profits. You just invest and get the ROI with our help.

Our Property Management Team Provides Following Services

Apartment preparation

Good appearance is the important key for successful rental experience. We take care of the apartment’s visual part for better results

Professional photoshoot

After visual is suitable, we need to represent it in a professional way. Good quality photos are half of the work

Listing creation

We will prepare real estate listing on different platforms to receive as more bookings as possible

Apartment cleaning and washing

We take care of the cleanliness of the apartment and linens. We believe it is the most important factor for guest’s satisfaction

Managing booking platforms

We manage all platforms. We optimize pricing, change information about apartment, create guidebooks or check-in instructions for guests

Monthly reporting

At the end of every month we create a report of performance of the apartment in order to provide full transparency and share the results of our work

We work for you

What is important in our management model is that we work for your profit.
We do not take a management fee from the entire revenue, but from the profit. So it is our interest to make as higher profit as possible for you.

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