Buying Real Estate in Georgia

Opportunities to invest in Real Estate with net annual returns

Investing in real estate

Real estate is a popular form of investment. We offer two types of investment opportunities: returns from regular rentals and returns from the future resale of property. Thus the real estate investment, as a passive income, is capable of generating capital gains from value that increases over time.

What is the benefit of buying a property with us?

Free of charge

Georgian unregulated real estate market has regulated itself the way that the commission always pays the one who sells. So our brokerage services are free of charge for you.

We have expertise

We are real estate experts with 10+ years of experience. Not just in real estate sales, but in real estate evaluation, market research and related industries.

We speak local language

One of the characteristics of Georgian real estate market is that unless you speak the language of the seller, you might get a foreigner price markup. We’ll help you to avoid that.

We have a database not available elsewhere

Very often listings on popular local real estate pages are either outdated, or fake or they just don’t speak any other language apart from Georgian. We have our database of properties and on top of that, we are able to spot the fake or outdated listing on different pages.

It is a one stop shop service

Variety of experts working for our company will handle all the needed processes for your purchase, Real estate experts, lawyers, accountants, tax consultants will make sure your all needs are met.

How it works


We start with 30 minutes free consultation

One of our experts will give you an overview of the Real Estate market in Georgia.

At the end of the consultation you will be able to make informed decisions.



You tell us what you are looking for.
We will ask you to provide us as much if information as you can about the property you want to purchase in Georgia, no matter if for residency, investment, living or summer house.



We will show you the matching properties.
We will show you the matching listings in our database and calibrate your our offer to your requirements, and answer an question you have on the properties.


Site visits

We will visit the properties.
We will plan your visits on site, and the property owner will answer all our questions. If you can't come in person, we can represent you and will provide you our evaluation online.


Due Diligence

Our company follows a thorough due diligence process.
Once you have selected the property, our company investigates all the legal documents of the property and sends them to you. So you can make a 100% informed decision.



The final stage is to purchase the real estate.
We assist you to negotiate a fair price with the owner and prepare the legal documentation. Finally we make sure that the payment and the real estate transfer are done simultaneously by the notary or registration office. Without risks for any of the parties.

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