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Due diligence procedures, pre-purchase inspection, negotiation and registration

Our Real Estate Legal Services

home-inspectionDue diligence

We guide you through the legal process of property purchase to ensure that all formalities of Georgian Property Law are adhered to and that there are zero legal risks associated with the purchasing process.


We work tirelessly to negotiate the best possible purchase agreement and provide guidance on your property contract and conditions.

property-agreementLegal drafting

Duly drafted documentation helps you close the sale with confidence.

Registration of property

Property rights are assigned from the seller at the Ministry of Justice, and you can always check the status on the Ministry web-page. You receive an online certificate of property ownership in 1-4 days once the property has been paid for in full.

home-heatingRegistration of utilities

After the property purchase, it is equally important to register the utilities on your name.

Procedures in detail

Due diligence

  • Checking the property background and the seller background
  • Ensuring that the property is free from the legal defects (mortgage, lien, and other legal obligations)
  • Renewing extract


  • The whole process of communication with the seller
  • Negotiation of the contract terms and conditions.

Legal drafting

We prepare the following legal documents related to the property purchase:

  • The Power of Attorney, if the transaction is performed by the authorized representatives of the parties
  • Sales contract
  • Lease contracts and many more.

Registration of the property

Registration of the property services include:

  • Representation at the Ministry of Justice, including the POA or in person
  • Organizing the application submission process
  • Organizing the payment process

Registration of utilities

The utilities that need to be registered are the following:

  • Electricity
  • Cleaning
  • Water Supply
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • etc.

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